What To Do When Your “Check Engine” Light Keeps Turning On

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Take the driver seat on any late model car on the road today, and you will see that the dashboard is filled with different warning lights. and if that ain’t enough, there are buzzers that alert the driver of anything that needs prompt attention, or worse, signal when engine damage may be inevitable unless the car is pulled over. Car engineers have an eye for detail though on how any driver potentially reacts when one of those warning lights turn on, so there’s no cause for panic if a “check engine” light menacingly turns on or a buzzer alerts you of something wrong.

At Murrieta Auto Repair, we have seen these common problems from our customers whose cars we have promptly serviced. Yes, there are “false alarms” (read: faulty electronics) with these warning lights but quite a few warrant a complete engine check to see if that car needs to be serviced as soon as possible or ignoring these light might compromise passengers’ and vehicle safety.

In the not-so-distant past, it was very tricky to diagnose check engine light or warning light problem. It needed the observation of the driver when does the problem happen and how often, if warning lights turn on certain periods during the engine is started. Today, the ‘guesswork’ has been removed with the advent of diagnostic and troubleshooting equipment and software.

At Murrieta Auto Repair, we have the tools, hardware and software to accurately diagnose any problem so that we could get at the root of the problem that makes the check engine light (or any warning light) turn on.

The check engine light or the service-engine-soon lights are like traffic signals. The red ones that light up means that you have to pull over to a safe area of the road, stop the engine immediately and do a check under the hood.

Common problems that often cause red warning lights to go off are:

  • Engine overheating
  • Low engine oil pressure or oil pump problems
  • Transmission overheating or fluid loss
  • Low battery voltage or battery failure
  • Brake system failure – On vehicles with ABS (anti-lock braking systems) this is a major failure so it’s wise to stop, pull over the road and have your car towed.

Other engine problems that cause a red warning light or check engine light to go off are:

  • Faulty alternator that is not charging the battery properly
  • Low or empty brake fluid
  • Missing engine belts
  • Low levels of anti-freeze (or radiator coolant), engine oil and transmission fluid

Murrieta Auto Repair has the diagnostic equipment and ASE-certified Master Technician auto mechanics that can solve any check engine light problem, without significant ‘downtime’ and without compromising vehicle safety. We do value your observations on what may have caused your vehicles problems and we will communicate with you in plain language (NO strange shop talk here) and give you an honest quote at reasonable rates (NO “bill padding” here).

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