Chris C: Owner / Service Advisor

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Chris is one of the owners of Murrieta Auto Repair and believes that every job, no matter how big or how small is of upmost importance. He has been with Murrieta Auto Repair for 8 years and in this line of work for over 38 years. Chris enjoys the daily challenges he encounters, with every repair being a little different. He is ASE certified A8 Engine Performance, L1 Advanced Engine Performance and A6 Electrical Services.

Chris feels fortunate to have the opportunity to meet new people through this line of work and enjoys seeing how joyful and thankful they are after their vehicles have been repaired. Chris is very easy to get along with both professionally and personally and is a very kind and giving person which is evident upon meeting him.

If you were to run into Chris on his days off, you would most likely find him spending time with his wife and children, as he is a family man through-and-through and his relationships are very important to him. He also enjoys having his private pilots license, flying small airplanes, flying RC planes, softball, and history.

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